Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding photos are up!

Our wedding photos are up on Facebook!

Check out the album here:

Lucas & Elysse Baumbach wedding album

We will likely be adding more photos, but this is a start...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Charge to Lucas & Elysse

Another significant part of our ceremony was my (Elysse) Father's charge to us as he answered the question "Who gives this woman to this man?"

Instead of just saying "Her Mother and I do", or something along those lines, he stepped aside and said these words:


You came to me desiring permission to seek the heart and hand of our daughter, Elysse.

In taking that initial step you recognized the God-given authority and headship given to me over her life.

As a result, we met several times. We talked of your family and your faith in Christ. We talked of marriage and God's purposes in that relationship. We talked of family and Gods vision for and kingdom purposes for the family. We spoke of Fatherhood and the great responsibilities it entails. We spoke of your role as husband and the service it requires.

Each of these times we looked to the Word of God, for only there can we find clarity in what God expects of us. Through our times tougher, we covered what the Word of God has required of me, and will now, by the transfer of responsibility, require of you to be the head and covering for Elysse.

Only as you keep Jesus Christ at the head and covering of your life and His Word as your Law for living can you fulfill what God intends for the husband of a marriage and the father of a family. Lucas, as you commit yourself to Elysse this day, and enter into the role of her head and covering, commit yourself to love her as Christ loves the Church, washing her with the water of His Word.


This is the last time I will address you as only my daughter. The next time we speak together, you will be the wife of Lucas. You will have taken on a new identity. For these past 27 years you have honored me as your father and as your head and overing. You have listened to my instruction and followed my lead. Yet, you have done even more.

Early, you learned to learn of God on your own. Having committed yourself to Christ, you have pursued a life in Him and consumed by Him. Years ago, I told you that before you could ever enter a courtship, you would have to be married first. Marriage, marriage to Christ was a necessary prerequisite to entering any courtship. Having been united with Christ and learned of His love, you can now be united with another and love him out of Christ's love for and in you. Having come into a true covenant with Christ, you can now enter into the covenant of marriage with Lucas.

Marriage, as you know, Elysse, is for God's glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom in the earth.

Elysse, as you enter into this covenant relationship with Lucas this day, recognize the great kingdom purposes for which the union has been ordained.

Pastor Chaney:

Pastor Chaney, it is with great joy that I respond to you, that her mother and I give this woman to this man.

May God's blessings to their fullest be upon this union.

Then, Daddy came over, lifted my first veil and hugged me. We were both trying not to cry. I want to make it a goal to re-read his challenge to us on a frequent basis. What wonderful words of wisdom!