Our Story

**Our full story coming soon!**

Once upon a time there was a handsome knight named Lucas who had been waiting for God to show him who he was to marry. At this same time there was a maiden named Elysse who was also waiting for God to show her the right man to marry.

During this time Lucas and Elysse became friends. Many of their friends and family started to whisper and wonder that Lucas and Elysse weren't more than just friends, but Elysse didn't suspect a thing...

Elysse moved 1,700 miles away from her hometown to work and Lucas didn't like the idea of her being so far away. A few months later he asked her if they could be best friends for life.

They spent many months talking and praying and seeking Godly counsel.

Then, Elysse's Dad gave Lucas his blessing for her hand in marriage...a few hours later he got down on one knee and asked Elysse to be his wife. She said "Yes, yes, yes!"

With God's help they will walk hand in hand until death do them part. They plan to raise their children to be warriors for the Kingdom of God.

Lucas and Elysse are looking forward to spending every day working, planning, dreaming, and serving the Lord together...