Monday, March 31, 2014

We're back!

After taking a break from blogging, we're back. This website will be "grand central station" for all updates on our lives, as well as the best way to get in touch with us! I'll take a few moments to catch everyone up on what's been going on in our lives the last year! We bought a little house and 10 acres in Emmett, Idaho!
Our goal with buying this property was to grow most of our own food, have animals, and have extra produce left over to sell and share with friends and family! To that end, we spent a portion of last fall preserving good food, and we have been enjoying the fruits of our labors all winter long.
And, most of this spring re-claiming the land that was left without care for nearly 10 years.
We re-roofed a barn/greenhouse with the help of friends and family.
And, we've had some new additions of the four-legged kind added to the farmstead!
Elysse has been on a journey to get healthier and so she's been learning to cook egg-free, and (mostly) dairy and gluten free also!
As we head in to Spring, we are excited about getting our first seeds planted!
We plan on having extra starts to sell, as well as boxes of our home-grown garden produce AND fresh, local fruit throughout the summer. Most of what we offer will be ORGANIC, and HEIRLOOM. You can't get any better than that! If you are interested in starts or produce and fruit through the summer, sign up here for our BIG RED FARM UPDATES! And, if you are ever in the area, we'd love to have you stop by. We'll fire up the grill, sip some sweet tea, and watch the sunset!

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